Author's Guideline


For prospective publication, authors are encouraged to cite at least TWO PUBLICATIONS from JIBE. The article should be at least 6 pages and not more than 12 pages including references.


Download Template (MS Word format)


Preparation of Papers for Journal of International Business,

Economics and Entrepreneurship (22 Bold)


First Author Name, Second Author Name, Third Author Name (11 Bold)

1(Department, College/ University Name, Country Name) (10 Italic)

2(Department, College/ University Name, Country Name) (10 Italic)


Abstract— (Please read carefully on how to set the paper)Paper setup must be in A4 size with margin: Top 1.78 cm, Bottom 1.78 cm, Left 1.78 cm, Right 1.65 cm, Gutter 0 cm, and Gutter position Top.  Whole paper must be with: Font Name Times New Roman, Font Size 10, Line 1 EXCEPT Abstract, Keywords (Index Term), Paper Title, References, All Headings and Manuscript Details (First Page, Bottom, Left side). Paper must not exceed 10 pages including References. Paper Title must be in Font Size 22, Bold with single line spacing. Authors Name must be in Font Size 11, Bold, Before Spacing 0, After Spacing 12, with Single Line Spacing. Abstract and Keywords (Index Term) must be in Font Size 9, Bold, Italic with Single Line Spacing. ALL MAIN HEADING must be in Sentence Case, Left margin and Roman Numbering (I, II, III ... etc). (Please do not alter the formatting and style layout) which have been set up in this template document. For more detail format,  download Template (MS Word format)  from the website. (10 Bold) 


Keywords (10 Bold Italic) - About five keywords in alphabetical order, separated by comma. (10 Italic)


I.       Introduction (10 Bold)

The introduction of the paper should explain the nature of the problem, previous work, purpose, and the contribution of the paper. The contents of each section may be provided to understand easily about the paper. Highlight a section that you want to designate with a certain style, and then select the appropriate name on the style menu. The style will adjust your fonts and line spacing. Do not change the font sizes or line spacing to squeeze more text into a limited number of pages. Use italics for emphasis; do not underline. (10)


II.    Headings (10 Bold) 

The headings and subheadings start with "1. Introduction", appears in upper and lower case letters and should be set in bold and aligned flush left. All headings from the Introduction to Acknowledgements are numbered sequentially using 1, 2, 3, etc. Subheadings are numbered 1.1, 1.2, etc. If a subsection must be further divided, the numbers should be written 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc. The font size for heading is 10 points bold face and subsections with 10 points and not bold. Do not underline any of the headings, or add dashes, colons, etc. (10)


Appendix (10 Bold)

Appendixes, if needed, appear before the acknowledgment. (10)


Acknowledgements (10 Bold)

This section may be presented after conclusion if desired. (10)


References (10 Bold)

APA format. (10)